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Indie Game: Ghoulboy: Dark Sword Of Goblin (Music)

Podcast: XVGM Radio

Some Other Games I  Have Composed Music For...

Alex Kidd 3: Curse In Miracle World (2021 Final Version, Homebrew, Master  System)

Gladiators Of The Underworld Remastered (Browser Game)

Jumpy Frogs (Google Play Store & App Store)

MegaXmas'89 (Homebrew,  Mega Drive)

Jack  N' Jill DX *Arranged Music* (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PC)

Robozorro (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC)

Around The Clock At Bikini Bottom (Doodle Patrick Boss Theme Music, PC)

Allium Hunter: Paddle Star (PC)



A Creative Journey...

Hi and welcome! I go by the name of Nicole Marie T. I have been producing music for over fifteen years now. Music production has always been a great passion of mine.


After I studied for my music degree, I  put my ideas to use through freelancing. I produce chiptune primarily, but also do cinematic/orchestral, electronic, ambient, and other genres for indie projects. I am interested in keeping my prices low for the needs of indie game developers, film makers and other project creators who are on a tight budget.  


As well as project work, I take part in composing non-project albums and singles, which are currently released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other various digital stores.  


I briefly developed games in the past using Gamemaker and Unity 3D in my spare time. Presently, alongside music production, I  create 3D voxel art models for indie games, teach music production as a pay as you go online service, mix and master songs for other music producers, and do social media management, which are all included in my services. 


I hope you like what I have to offer! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of my services. I am always available for work.


- Nicole Marie T

Home: Bio
Home: Prices


Chiptune: £35 - £60

Orchestral: £50 - £100

Sound Effects/Jingles/Short (Under 20 Seconds): £5 - £28

Other/Mixture Of Genres: £30 - £65


Prices may be in the higher range or go over range if the song is over 30 seconds.


How It Works...

- I make a piece of music or sound effects with the style of your choice

- Then I would send over a watermarked version via email or direct message on social media


- If you would like to purchase it for your game or other project, I will then send you a Paypal invoice for purchase (you are not obliged to purchase even after I have made it.  You'll only purchase if you like it and are happy with the price)

- Once I receive the payment, I will send you the unwatermarked version via email or direct message via social media  

- After this, you have an unlimited royalty free license, exclusive for your projects, and can use the material in as many projects as you like and as many times as you like!


I do not charge a set rate by the hour.  I would charge according to the ranges I have set above (length, genre, and how hard/easy it is for me to make a song, making adjustments through requests, etc...) 



Terms And Conditions

You are allowed to sell your projects with my songs or art used in them, as long as the material you have purchased is not distributed soley or resold soley to potential customers for their projects, for the intention of copyright infringement. It is allowed to be sold only whilst inside a project. You are also allowed to publish free projects with my music or art in them. Please always credit me as Nicole Marie T when it is used in your projects, i.e. Music By Nicole Marie T, or Sound Effects by Nicole Marie T, or 3D Voxel Art By Nicole Marie T. You can credit me somewhere in the project, for example, in the end credits screen for a game.

Other Services (Rough Estimates)

Mixing And/Or Mastering For Music Producers (Per Song): £25 - £80

3D Voxel Art Model (Per Model): £5 - £20

Teaching Pay As You Go Music Lessons Online (Per Session): £20 - £30

Social Media Manager: Varies In Price, Flexible

Per Song (Rough Estimates)

Customer Reviews

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Affiliate Disclosure

As an affiliate, I may share affiliate links from time to time on my website or via my social media. If a product is purchased via these links, I earn a small commission (no extra cost to you!). I advertise the best and affordable products I can find to share with you on Pluginboutique, Loopmasters, Loopcloud, and/or Pond5 🙂


Privacy Policy

The companies I am affiliated with (Loopmasters, PluginBoutique, Loopcloud, and Pond5) may collect cookie data such as geographical locations, page views, and ip addresses. It can help to highlight where products are being most viewed, and to understand what products/services are on demand. This does not personally identify you. This information may be stored indefinitely for statistical purposes. The lawful basis for this is your consent. Privacy rights are always respected; if you do not consent, you may choose to not purchase via my affiliate links (sometimes shared on this website or on my social media). If you have any questions or concerns about your data protection rights when using their websites, please contact or You can also view their privacy policy/terms & conditions/license agreement at or

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